Medical Specialists in Spanish [& ED f/u plan]

Topic:  Medical Specialists in Spanish [f/u after ED visit]

Target Audience:  ER providers, other medical personnel 

Format:  A few statements and a list of specialists

Video Version

First, I’ll walk you through Spanish Medical Specialists in video form. 

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Written Version

If you prefer, here’s the written version of Spanish Medical Specialists.

Note: Parentheses mean the word(s) can be left out, and the phrase should still make sense.

It’s important to follow up (very soon) with…Es importante dar seguimiento (muy pronto) con…
A primary care doctor.Un doctor de cuidado general.
A neurologist.Un neurólogo.
An eye specialist – ophthalmologist.Un especialista de los ojos – oftalmólogo.
An ear, nose, and throat specialist.Un especialista del oído, nariz, y garganta.
An oral surgeon.Un cirujano oral.
A dentist.Un dentista.
An orthopedist.Un ortopedista.
A cardiologist.Un cardiólogo.
A lung specialist.Un especialista de los pulmones.
A general surgeon.Un cirujano general.
A gastroenterologist – specialist of stomach and intestines.Un gastroenterólogo – especialista del estómago y los intestinos.
An obstetrician (pregnancy doctor).Un obstetra (doctor para el embarazo).
A gynecologist.Un ginecólogo.
A urologist – specialist of the urinary tract and genitals.Un urólogo – especialista del tracto urinario y los genitales.
A dermatologist.Un dermotólogo.
We will give you the phone number.Le vamos a dar el número de teléfono.
Call as soon as possible.Llame lo más pronto posible.
We will give you a copy of your test results to take with you to the doctor.Le vamos a dar una copia de sus resultados para llevar consigo a ese doctor.
You can follow up with your own doctor if you prefer.Puede dar seguimiento con su propio doctor si prefiere.

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