Mal De Ojo [Medical Spanish Culture]

Mal de ojo (evil eye)

“Mal de Ojo” (occasionally “ojo malo”) is a Spanish phrase that’s most often translated as “evil eye”.  It could also be translated in other ways, such as “bad eye” or “sickness from the eye”.   Basically, Mal de Ojo refers to a supernatural belief that a jealous or envious glance can cause harm, especially to children. …

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100 Essential Spanish Words

100 Essential Spanish Words

In this post, you’ll learn some of the most-used words in Spanish.   It’s kind of like the 80/20 rule in practice: By learning a fairly small number of super-common words, you can majorly accelerate your progress with medical Spanish (and Spanish in general).   Start With These Spanish Words…Learn More Later Obviously, you’ll want to learn …

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