Urinary Tract Infection – HPI [Medical Spanish Dialogues]

Here’s a medical Spanish dialogue for a patient presenting with a UTI (urinary tract infection), or UTI symptoms.

Target Audience:  Clinicians (doctors, PA’s, NP’s) & other healthcare workers

Video Version

Written Version

Does it burn when you pee?Le arde cuando orina?
How many days has it been?Hace cuántos días?
Have you had a UTI before?Ha tenido una infección urinaria antes?
Were the symptoms similar to these?Los síntomas eran similares a estos?
Do you feel pain in the abdomen?Siente dolor en el abdomen?
Does your flank hurt?Le duele el costado?
Do you have fever or chills?Tiene fiebre o escalofríos?
Do you have discharge (from the vagina / penis)?Tiene flujo (de la vagina / pene)?
Do you have a rash on your genitals?Tiene erupción en los genitales?
Have you had an STI in the past?Ha tenido una infección sexual en el pasado?
Are you pregnant?Está embarazada?
When was your last period?Cuándo fue su último período?

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