Trauma / MVA Physical Exam [for ER Providers]

Topic:  Trauma / MVA – Physical Exam

Target Audience: Emergency medicine clinicians (doctors, PA’s, or NP’s)

Format:  Mainly yes/no questions, a few with short answers

Video Version

First, I’ll walk you through the medical Spanish phrases for Trauma / MVA – Physical Exam in video form. 

You can listen to the pronunciation, and quiz yourself as you go along.

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Written Version

If you prefer, here’s the written version of Trauma / MVA – Physical Exam in Spanish.

Note: Parentheses mean the word(s) can be left out, and the phrase should still make sense.

Look at my face.Mire mi cara.
Follow my finger with your eyes.Siga mi dedo solo con sus ojos.
Turn your head.Gire la cabeza.
Open your mouth, (bigger).Abra la boca, (más grande).
Stick out your tongue.Saque la lengua.
Say “ahh”.Diga “ahh”.
Does it hurt when I press here?Le duele cuando presiono aquí?
Tap here?Golpeo aquí?
Does it hurt more (when I press) here, or here?Le duele más (cuando presiono) aquí, o aquí?
Breath deeply.Respire profundo.
Let it out.Exhale.
Again.Otra vez.
Lay down, please.Acuéstese por favor.
Face up.Boca arriba.
Relax (your stomach).Afloje (el estómago).
Roll onto your side.Muévase de lado.
I need to put my finger in your anus to check for blood.Necesito poner mi dedo en su recto para ver si hay sangre.  
Squeeze my fingers.Apriete mis dedos.
Pull me (towards you).Jáleme (hacia usted).
Does this feel the same on both sides?Siente igual de los dos lados?
Push against my hand. Empuje mi mano. 
Lift this leg.  Now this one.Levante esta pierna.  Ahora esta.
Go like this [demonstrate motion]. Haga así.
I need to examine your skin. Necesito examinarle la piel. 
Please remove your clothing and put this gown on.Por favor quítese la ropa y póngase esta bata.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for checking out my Trauma / MVA – Physical Exam dialogue.  You’ll probably find these medical Spanish translations particularly useful if you work in emergency medicine.  

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