Occupational Therapy Spanish

Topic:  Occupational Therapy Spanish (Multiple Subtopics)

Target Audience:  Hospital-based Occupational Therapists

Format:  Mainly yes/no questions, a few with short answers

Video Versions

First, I’ll walk you through each section of Occupational Therapy Spanish in video form. 

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Part 1: Assessing Home Situation

Part 2: Skill / Mobility Testing

Written Version

If you prefer, here’s the written version of Occupational Therapy Spanish (Part 1 / Part 2) in Spanish.

PART 1 – Home & Background
First I have a few questions for you.Primero tengo algunas preguntas para Ud.
Do you live with anyone right now?Vive con alguien en este momento?
Is your house one story or two stories?Su casa es de un piso o de dos pisos?
Do you have a walker or cane?Tiene andador o bastón?
Do you have a wheelchair?Tiene una silla de ruedas?
Does anyone help you get dressed?Alguien le ayuda a vestirse?
Do you drive?Maneja?
Are you working?Está trabajando?
Does anyone help you bathe?Alguien le ayuda a bañarse?
Do you have a walk-in shower, or a tub?Tiene una ducha a ras de suelo, o una tina?
Will anyone be able to help you when you go homeAlguien podrá ayudarle cuando regrese a casa?
PART 2 – Skill / Mobility Testing 
Next, I’d like to see if you’re able to sit at the edge of the bed.A continuación, me gustaría ver si puede sentarse en el borde de la cama.
I need to see if you can feed yourself.Necesito ver si puede alimentarse solo.
I need to see if you can put on a shirt.Necesito ver si puede ponerse una camisa.
I need to see if you can put on pants.Necesito ver si puede ponerse los pantalones.
I need to see if you can take your socks off.Necesito ver si puede quitarse los calcetines.
Can you put them back on?Puede ponérselos de nuevo?
I need to see if you can stand upNecesito ver si puede ponerse de pie.
I need to see if you can walk.Necesito ver si puede caminar.
Can you march in place?Puede marchar en su lugar?
Do you need to use the toilet?Necesita usar el baño?
I’d like to see if you can get on and off the toilet.Quiero ver si puede sentarse y levantarse en el baño.
Do you want to brush your teeth?Quiere cepillarse los dientes?
Do you need to do anything else?Necesita hacer algo más?
You can get back in bed now.Ya puede volver a la cama.
As long as you’re in the hospital we will continue therapy.Mientras esté en el hospital, continuaremos la terapia.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to David McCombs for suggesting a lot of these phrases! Check out his blog about occupational therapy, or his YouTube channel about OT.

Also, thanks for checking out my Occupational Therapy Spanish dialogues.  You’ll probably find these medical Spanish translations particularly useful if you work as a hospital-based occupational therapist, but other therapists or other medical providers can likely learn some useful terminology as well.  

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