Neuro – Review of Systems [for ER or Urgent Care]

Topic:  Neurological review of systems (ROS)

Target Audience:  Emergency medicine or urgent care clinicians

Format:  Mainly yes/no questions

Video Version

First, I’ll walk you through Neuro – full ROS in video form. 

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Written Version

If you prefer, here’s the written version of Neuro – ROS in Spanish.

Note: Parentheses mean the word(s) can be left out, and the phrase should still make sense.

Do you also have / have you had…También tiene / ha tenido…
Any area of numbness (or tingling)?  Alguna área entumecida (u hormigueo)?  
Weakness? Debilidad?
Point to where.Señale dónde.
Headache?Dolor de cabeza?
Confusion?  Confusión?
Dizziness?  A spinning sensation?Mareos?  Una sensación de dar vueltas?
Lack of balance? Falta de equilibrio? 
Migraines (diagnosed by a doctor)?Migrañas (diagnosticadas por un doctor)?
Seizures?  Convulsiones?
A stroke?Derrame cerebral?
An embolism?  [i.e. non-hemorrhagic stroke] Una embolia?
Bleeding in the brain?Sangrado en el cerebro?
An enlarged artery in the brain?Una arteria agrandada en el cerebro?
A brain tumor?Un tumor en el cerebro?
Elevated pressure in the brain?Presión alta en el cerebro?
Hydrocephalus, (water on the brain)?  Hidrocefalia, (agua en el cerebro)?
A brain infection?Infección en el cerebro?

Wrapping Up

Thanks for checking out my Neuro – ROS dialogue.  

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