Medication Instructions in Spanish (forms / routes / frequency)

Several useful terms for giving medication instructions to your Spanish-speaking patients, along with some practice sentences where you put it all together.

This vocab is useful for a wide variety of healthcare workers, in just about any practice setting.

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Written Version

You can give him/her a teaspoon of acetaminophen every 4 to 6 hours to lower fever and pain.Puede darle una cucharadita de aceminofeń cada 4 a 6 horas para bajar la fiebre y el dolor.
One should take a pill every day with food.Hay que tomar una pastilla todos los días con las comidas.
SyrupEl jarabe
MedicationEl medicamento
MedicineLa medicina
IV fluid/medEl suero
The needleLa aguja
The syringeLa jeringa
The bottleLa botella
The tablespoonLa cucharada
The teaspoonla cucharadita
The injectionLa inyección
The pillLa pastilla / La píldora
The prescriptionLa receta
Half of a pillMedia pastilla
The ointmentEl ungüento
The creamLa crema
The dropsLas gotas
The patchEl parche
The inhalerEl inhalador / La pompa
By mouthPor boca
by inhalationPor inhalación
Below the tongueDebajo de la lengua
In the eyeEn el ojo
In the earEn el oído
By rectum / In the rectumPor la recto
In the affected areaEn el área afectada
3 times per day3 veces al día
Before going to bedAntes de acostarse
Half an hour before breakfastMedia hora antes de desayunar
Every 8 hoursCada 8 horas
With food / With mealsCon las comidas
With a lot of waterCon mucha agua
When needed / necessaryCuando es necesario
After getting up in the morningDespués de levantarse
EverydayTodos los día
Once a dayUna vez al día
In the morningPor la mañana
In the afternoonPor la tarde
In the eveningPor la noche
Every other dayUn día sí, un día no
You need to take one pill 3 times a day.Necesita tomar una pastilla 3 veces al día.
You should take this medication with meals.Debe tomar este medicamento con comidas.
You have to take this pill 1/2 hour before bedtime.Tiene que tomar esta pastilla media hora antes de acostarse.
You can take this pill every other day.Puede tomar esta pastilla un día sí, un día no.

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