Laceration Procedure Dialogue [for ER Providers]

Topic:  Laceration Procedure Dialogue

Target Audience:  ER Providers

Format:  A list of phrases to say to your patient

Video Version

First, I’ll walk you through the Laceration Procedure dialogue in video form. 

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Written Version

If you prefer, here’s the written version of the Laceration Procedure dialogue in Spanish.

Note: Parentheses mean the word(s) can be left out, and the phrase should still make sense.

Wait here, please.Espere aquí, por favor.
Give us a few minutes to prepare (everything).Denos unos minutos para preparar (todo).
I will inject anesthetic (to take away the pain).Voy a inyectar anestesia (para quitar el dolor).
It burns for a few seconds, but then the pain goes away. Le arde unos segundos, pero luego el dolor se quita.
One more (injection).Una (inyección) más.
Do you feel less pain?Siente menos dolor?
No pain?  [After injection]No hay dolor?
We will clean the wound with water/saline.Vamos a lavar la herida con agua/salina.
Hold it like this.  [Demonstrate position] Manténgalo así.
Turn it like this.Dóblelo así
(Now) we will put stitches.(Ahora) vamos a poner puntos.
We will place a bandageLe vamos a poner vendaje.
We will place a splint. Le vamos a entablillar.
Come back in ___ days to take out the stitchesRegrese en ___ días para sacar los puntos. 
At home, wash with soap and water (and cover it with a bandage).En casa, lávese con jabón y agua (y cúbralo con un vendaje).

Wrapping Up

Thanks for checking out my Laceration Procedure dialogue.

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