Incision & Drainage Procedure [Medical Spanish for ER / Urgent Care]

Here’s a medical Spanish dialogue to use with patients before, during, and after doing an incision and drainage procedure (abscess treatment).

Explain in Spanish what’s going to happen during the procedure, and what they should do afterwards.

Video Version

Here’s the YouTube version of this dialogue. (The audio version is on my podcast.)

Text Version

You have a bacterial infection in the skin.

Usted tiene una infección bacterial en la piel.

It’s called an abscess.

Se llama un absceso.

I need to drain the pus, so it can heal more quickly.

Necesito sacarle el pus, para qué pueda sanarse más rápido.

First I’ll inject anesthetic, to decrease the pain.

Primero voy a inyectar anestesia, para disminuir el dolor.

You’ll feel pressure, and a bit of burning sensation.

Va a sentir presión y un poquito de ardor.

I’ll open the abscess with a small cut (1 cm).

Voy a abrir el absceso con un pequeño corte (un centímetro).

You may feel some pain, but hopefully not much.

Tal vez vaya a sentir un poco de dolor, pero espero que no mucho.

We’ll cover it with a bandage.

Lo vamos a cubrir con un vendaje.

Take the antibiotics as instructed.

Tome los antibióticos según las instrucciones.

The wound should heal gradually.

La herida debe sanarse poco a poco.

You can wash it with soap and water.

Puede lavarla con agua y jabón.

Return here if you have any worsening or other concerns.

Regrese aquí si se empeora o le preocupa algo.

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