HPI – General (Pain Complaint)

Topic:  History of the Present Illness (for a patient with pain)

Target Audience:  ER clinicians

Format:  Mainly yes/no questions, a few with short answers

Video Version

First, I’ll walk you through a general HPI in video form. 

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Written Version

If you prefer, here’s the written version of an HPI in Spanish.

Note: Parentheses mean the word(s) can be left out, and the phrase should still make sense.

Where exactly (does it hurt)?Dónde (le duele) exactamente?
Point with one finger.Señale con un dedo.
How many days/Cuántos días/
(Is it) worse now?(Está) peor ahora?
Better now?Mejor ahora?
Still the same?Sigue igual?
Is it sharp?Es agudo?
Pressure-like?Como presión?
Just pain?Solo dolor?
Is it severe?Es fuerte?
Is it all the time?Es todo el tiempo?
Does it come and go?Va y viene?
How many minutes does it last (each time)?Cuántos minutos dura (cada vez)?
(Do you feel) worse when you… (Se siente) peor cuando…
(Do you feel) better when you…(Se siente) mejor cuando… 
Take medicine?Toma medicina?
Have you felt pain like this before?Ha sentido un dolor como este antes?
Does the pain radiate (to other places)?Se le mueve el dolor (a otros lugares)?
(Point to) where.(Señale) donde.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for checking out my general HPI dialogue.

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