Gastrointestinal – Review of Systems

Topic:  Gastrointestinal (GI) review of systems (ROS)

Target Audience:  Emergency medicine or urgent care clinicians

Format:  Mainly yes/no questions

Video Version

First, I’ll walk you through a full gastrointestinal ROS in video form. 

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Written Version

If you prefer, here’s the written version of GI – ROS in Spanish.

Do you also have / have you had…También tiene / ha tenido…
Nausea? Náusea?
Abdominal pain?Dolor en el abdomen?
Flank pain?Dolor en el costado?
Watery?Como agua?
With blood?Con sangre?
Blood in your stool?Sangre en sus heces?
Difficulty swallowing?Dificultad para tragar?
Gallbladder inflammation?Inflamación de la vesícula?
Liver inflammation?Inflamación del hígado?
Pancreas inflammation?Inflamación del páncreas?
Intestinal infection?Infección en el intestino? 
Intestinal obstruction?Bloqueo en el intestino?
A hernia?Una hernia?
Have you had abdominal surgery?Ha tenido cirugía en el abdomen?
Point to where.Señale donde.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for checking out my GI – ROS dialogue.  

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