Basic Spanish

Learn the most useful basic Spanish concepts to give you a foundation before diving into medical Spanish

Numbers in Spanish [An Overview]

Spanish Numbers for Medical Spanish

Today I’ll walk you through the basics of Spanish numbers, including all the patterns you need to know to count into the hundreds or even thousands. Podcast Version Written Version If you’re familiar with Spanish pronunciation rules, you can now pronounce the following list of numbers (or at least make a reasonable attempt): English Spanish …

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Get Started with Medical Spanish

Guatemala children medical mission 2013

Ready to learn medical Spanish so you can communicate more clearly with your patients?  Here’s how you can start: Join the Newsletter! I’ll send you my best tips, strategies, and resources to learn medical Spanish.  I know you don’t want constant emails, so I typically only send updates about twice per month. I never share …

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100 Essential Spanish Words

100 Essential Spanish Words

In this post, you’ll learn some of the most-used words in Spanish.   It’s kind of like the 80/20 rule in practice: By learning a fairly small number of super-common words, you can majorly accelerate your progress with medical Spanish (and Spanish in general).   Start With These Spanish Words…Learn More Later Obviously, you’ll want to learn …

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