Basic Medical Spanish Intro for ER Clinicians

Note: This post is under re-construction. 🙂

Basic Medical Spanish Intro

About a year ago I created a PowerPoint to introduce ER clinicians to medical Spanish.  I’ve used it twice to present a short lecture on the topic, and I thought I’d share the slides since other ER clinicians (or healthcare workers elsewhere) may find the info useful.

The slides include translations of common phrases for taking a history on patients with abdominal pain, chest pain, needing dialysis (we see a lot of this in our ER), and a few extra phrases for review of systems.  It’s set up to show the English first, so you can quiz yourself.

Just click the link below if you want to download the PowerPoint.  Hope it helps!


Course Update*

In other news, the medical Spanish course for Emergency Room clinicians that I’ve mentioned elsewhere on the site is shaping up nicely.  It will include the top ten most common chief complaints in the Emergency Room, and I’ve written the content for seven of those ten.  There will also be a few bonus sections for things like stroke, cardiac arrest, disposition, and a complete review of systems.  The course will include text, audio, video, and even a mobile-responsive website (functions like an app) that can play audio pronunciation on demand.   I anticipate the course will be completed this Summer, so stay tuned. 🙂

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions, either by leaving a comment on this page or sending an email.

*ADDENDUM (Nov 2018):  I’m pleased to announce the CME course is now complete. 🙂

I’ll also include a link to my medical Spanish cheat sheet for sore throat / URI, which you can download for free.  

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