Abdominal Pain HPI [ER Spanish Dialogue #1]

ER medical Spanish dialogues, abdominal pain HPI

Today I’ll go over the Spanish phrases you would use to take an HPI (history of the present illness) on a Spanish-speaking patient with abdominal pain.

This is assuming you’re an emergency room clinician (doctor, PA, or NP), or perhaps urgent care. If you work in a different specialty, you may use slightly different questions.

In this conversation, you’ll be using mainly yes/no questions, along with a few that have easy answers, like a number or day of the week.

Video Version

First, I’ll walk you through the medical Spanish phrases for abdominal pain HPI in video form. That way you can hear the pronunciation, and also quiz yourself as you go along.

(Note: In this video I misspelled the word “panza” (belly) as “pansa”. Also, I’ve learned that some people dislike that term, so just stick with “abdomen” or “estómago”.)

Written Version

If you prefer, here’s the written version of the medical Spanish phrases for the abdominal pain HPI.

Parentheses mean the words can be left out, and the sentence will still make sense.

(Note: I edited the phrases slightly after recording the video, so the list below is not identical to the video. But it’s very close.)

(Did you come here because) your abdomen hurts?(Vino aquí porque) le duele el abdomen?
Where exactly (does it hurt)?Dónde (le duele) exactamente?
Point with one finger.Señale con un dedo.
How many days? / Since when?Cuántos días? / Desde cuándo?
(Is it) worse now?(Está) peor ahora?
Better now?Mejor ahora?
Still the same?Sigue igual?
Is it sharp?Es agudo?
Pressure-like?Como presión?
Is it severe?Es fuerte?
Is it all the time?Es todo el tiempo?
Does it come and go?Va y viene?
How many minutes does it last (each time)?Cuántos minutos dura (cada vez)?
(Do you feel) worse when you…(Se siente) peor cuando…
Eat?  Vomit? Come?  Vomita?  
(Do you feel) better when you…(Se siente) mejor cuando…
Don’t eat?  Poop?  Take medicine?No come?  Hace popó?  Toma medicina?
Have you felt pain like this before?Ha sentido un dolor como este antes?
Does the pain radiate (to other places)?Se le mueve el dolor (a otros lugares)?
(Point to) where.(Señale) donde.

Podcast Version

Coming soon….

Later this year I’ll start a medical Spanish podcast, which will include dialogues and other vocabulary for various medical settings.

Once I record this episode, I’ll come back and add a link so you can find it. 🙂

Get the Abdominal Pain HPI “Cheat Sheet”

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Wrapping Up

I hope you found this list of medical Spanish phrases for an abdominal pain HPI in the emergency room helpful!

Pretty soon, I’ll be adding more dialogues like this one. At that point, I’ll come back and put some links here so you can more easily find all of them.

I’ll also make a navigation page with a list of all the dialogues.

If you have any suggestions about what to cover next, just let me know! 🙂

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